Newborn Photography

Getting out of my comfort zone with newborn photography

This little Whistler baby came into the world in September, I recently had the pleasure of capturing Haddie in her first couple weeks of life. Newborn photography is a world unto it’s own and not something I usually do but Haddie’s mom Clare is an existing client and asked if I would. I think having someone you’re already comfortable with come in and shoot in your house during this time can make all the difference so I was happy to.

But I was a little nervous. Newborn and wedding photography are both two unpredictable types of photography that can require very different set-ups – with no chance of a do-over. There is so much to consider when working with newborns; their feeding and sleep schedule, the temperature, how to pose them without making them uncomfortable (resulting in tears) and so on. But Haddie was patient with me and we were patient with her, waiting it out until she was ready and comfortable again before shooting more.

Newborn Photography

I decided to shoot in a documentary style using her environment and natural lighting to tell the story rather than bringing in backdrops, lighting and props. This felt more true to her parents style and was a natural way to work for me. Haddie’s bff Cooper really wanted to be in on the action so I went with it and love how the photos of them together turned out. 

Haddie lying on the floor with her dog

Newborn Photography

Would I do it again? For family and friends, yes, but I don’t think I’ll be offering it as a regular service any time soon. I enjoyed this shoot and challenging myself but the fulfillment for me was in knowing Clare and capturing this special time for her and her family – not necessarily in the style itself. 

However, I’m very grateful for the opportunity to explore and always keen to try new types of photography- experimenting is such a valuable way to learn more about the craft and your own style!

What about you? Have you worked on something lately that pushed you out of your comfort zone? 


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