Glyphs and other trends

What are glyphs anyways? Glyphs are simple symbols expressing meaning, also known as a pictograph. We’ve been using them since caveman days, heiroglphys; created by the ancient Egyptians are a sophisticated example. Who knows if it is due to our love of visual communication, geometric shapes or if we are all craving something a little simpler but glyphs are big right now. Not just in design either, this past year saw glyphs take over the tattoo industry. I expect they will only continue to evolve and grow in popularity for 2015.

Other trends we can expect to see:


  • Marsala 18-1438 (colour above)  has been selected by the colour committees that be as the colour of 2015, Pantone states Marsala encourages experimentation and creativity. Expect to see colours of similar hues (especially rich blues) and subtle complimentary colours as well
  • Scandinavian influences; clean, bold, minimalist and flat
  •  Typography mash ups evolved, watch for unexpected and sophisticated pairings


  • Abstract arial landscapes, subject interaction and iconic sights captured in new ways thanks to the growing accessibility of drones
  • Large format inspiration images composed to make you feel as if you there will continue to be popular on social media and in web design
  • Authenticity, with public backlash of over-touched photos growing expect to see more realistic portrayals and natural moments


  • Migration to niche networks- users looking for ad free, well designed spaces will navigate to exclusive sites like ello while users wanting to profit off their activity will look to platforms like tsu
  • Changes to how you buy and book, with the new e-commerce and booking abilities on facebook there will be no need to navigate off the social network to a company’s website
  • Video content will continue to rise and be essential to brand story telling
  • Measurement evolvement, we have all the tools to tell us the data but soon they’ll be making recommendations for us, prompting and taking actions


What else do you think we’ll see? Let me know in the comments below!

Nikkey Dawn

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