Inktober 2017

Inktober 2017 round-up

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If you happened to be on Instagram last month you may have noticed a little thing called Inktober. At the beginning of the month  daily prompts are released and the goal is to draw something each day based on the prompt. It’s great for getting into the habit of drawing daily andhaving to think conceptually. One of my favourite things was searching the hashtag and seeing the different interpretations. For me, I tried to make them fairly quick, 20-45min on each so that I could keep up. But I did fall off the wagon so a few prompts are combined into single pieces flatsheet or map style. I tried out some new tools- namely, using my calligraphy pen to illustrate. I discovered I really love drawing waves with it. I also used india ink on a brush for a couple and some new markers to throw a little colour in. All in all it’s definitely given me a push to start drawing for fun again and not just for work.

Illustration of a west coast ecosystem

Prompt: United


Illustration of a wave

Prompt: Fierce


Illustration of a swordfish

Prompt: Sword


Illustration of surfer ducking under a wave

Prompt: Underwater


Illustration of ski googles with mountain reflection

Prompt: Mask


Illustration of Whale Shark

Prompt: Deep


Illustration of a mountain reflection in water

Prompt: Divided


Illustration of a cloud around a tree

Prompt: Cloud


Illustration of desert and raven

Prompt: Long, Screech


Illustration of a mountain hiding in clouds

Prompt: Shy


Illustration of shark

Prompt: Shattered


Inktober Illustrations

Prompts: Blind, Climb, Squeak, Trail, Ship, Juicy, Fall


Illustration of blue ringed octopus

Prompt: Poison


Illustration of a Manta Ray

Prompt: Grace


Illustration of Gian Sequoia

Prompt: Crooked, Giant


Illustration of a wave

Prompt: Swift


Illustration of jellyfish

Prompt: Teeming


Illustration of two deer running

Prompt: Run


Illustrated map of Costa Rica

Prompts: Found (compass), Filthy (vulture), Furious (volcano), Mysterious (ocelot), Fat (sloth)


Nikkey Dawn

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