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My name is Nikkey, middle name Dawn. This has prompted some friends to call me Dawn Face or replace catchy song lyrics with ‘Nikkey Dawn Face’. But truth be told my full first name is Nicole, however only bank and doctor types call me that.

I received my graphic design education at VCC among some very talented classmates. While you are never really done learning in this field that program instilled the values and fundamentals in me and got me hooked on the industry. Right out of school I collaborated with one of my fellow graduates on an online arts and design magazine which exposed me to some amazing and inspiring talents locally and helped shape my eye for layout and style as a curator.

I’ve since worked in the environmental, tourism and lifestyle industries (learning photography and social media along the way) and they continue to be some of my favourite sectors to create for. I’ve never been content to work on just one project at a time and have often freelanced on the side or focused on graphic art – until a move halfway across the world had me making the switch to full time freelancing. A year of constant travel taught me that with enough focus you can truly work from anywhere. I now have what I call The Pop-up Desk Challenge which has seen me create workspaces out of everything from motel patio furniture to the insides of a 1982 Mitsubishi Starwagon.

Returning to Canada faced me with the decision wether to keep freelancing or look for work in-house. Luckily, I have wonderful family and friends who were my patient sounding boards over countless cups of tea, coffee and glasses of wine. In the end my decisions to continue freelancing came down to not wanting to part with my existing (and amazing) clients and the belief that I have something unique to offer on my own. I’ve lived around the Sea to Sky corridor for years but I wasn’t sure where to  set up this time – until I spent more time exploring Squamish. This community is up to big things, attracting a lot of exciting talent, offers the outdoors at your doorstep and is an easy commute to both Vancouver and Whistler – so in the end it was the obvious decision!

So here we are! Feel free to introduce yourself in the comments below and check back for posts on graphic design, photography, social media and a little bit of inspiration.

Nikkey Dawn

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