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The world has one more yoga teacher in it

(Well technically 7 new yoga teachers if we count the lovely ladies I completed the course with)

If you’re reading this from the yoga instructor saturated West Coast – I know what you’re thinking, does the world really need another yoga teacher? Yes! Let me explain why…

As anyone who has taken a yoga teacher training course can tell you, you learn so much beyond the poses (asanas) but about the teachings and practice of yoga as a whole. You learn about how the body and mind work, how they work together and how it all impacts your health and in turn your contribution to the world around you.

I don’t know about you but in the public school system we never learned much about anatomy beyond how to not hurt ourselves in the weight room during P.E. I’ve dealt with back/shoulder/neck issues for years now from compound whiplash injuries and even in all my physiotherapies I’ve never understood my body to the degree I do now. I feel like this is essential life knowledge, the amount I’ve likely hindered the healing process and the amount I could’ve been doing to manage my injuries better is massive. I learned a great deal not only on the physical side but also on how to manage chronic pain, really manage it – how to live with it (not get stuck in it) with contentment and gratitude. Major break through there.

Of course everyones experience is different and the take aways from the course for each individual were various but each had major impact on that persons daily living. The teachings give you the tools to look after yourself, deal with inevitable life stuff like stress and be a positive contribution to the environment around you –  so a few more people in the world better equipped for all that sounds pretty good to me!

Will I start teaching? I’m not sure about that yet, but I’m definitely having fun being able to take family and friends through sequences. My intention in taking the course was to come out being able to create quality content for my yoga/wellness clients without having to check in with them all the time, which it definitely has but it has also given me so much more than I ever would’ve thought.

If you’re interested in taking a teacher training course, I can’t recommend the one run by Colleen Felgate of  Yama Yoga enough!


Nikkey Dawn

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